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ATTENTION: Most people who arrive here will do much better consulting the rest of this site, where the entries are sorted by birth date and then by given name, making it easy to find her when you only have her birth record. You should forget the downloads and visit the

This webmaster paid $1855.00 U.S. dollars for a copy of the Death Master File, from the federal government because I could not find a free copy on line. Let me change that, and make this available to the entire internet community.

Just let me note that these are the raw files in .ZIP in plain text and are useless if you’re not a programmer. Please do not waste my bandwidth downloading something you cannot use. The entries are in order of Social Security number.

All I ask for is source credit: Social Security Death Master File courtesy of SSDMF.INFO. Fair enough?

This is the edition of 30 November 2011, just after they stopped including death residence location and death benefit payout ZIP Code information. Too bad I didn’t buy a copy sooner.

The Death Master File came on three disks and the ZIP files can be downloaded below:

Disk 1 [521.41 MEGABYTES]
Disk 2 [517.67 MEGABYTES]
Disk 3 [525.01 MEGABYTES]
NOTE: The more recent 31 May 2013 edition and monthly updates since then can be found on my other website, CANCEL THESE FUNERALS.

WARNING: We have found that three of the entries contain stray quotation marks, which can cause problems when they are interpreted by your program as field delimiters. They are: 415-12-5908, 242-18-3901 and 262-70-8356.

Information about geographic allocation of Social Security numbers can be found at

Some legal stuff the Social Security bureaucrats want me to pass along in a .PDF: CLICK HERE